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Venue Hunting

How to Choose Venues for Your Dream Wedding ?

The location of your wedding ceremony will be something you will immortalize in your memories for the rest of your life. You can seek help from the best wedding planners in Kerala & Karnataka for transforming your big day into a wonderful event offering so many options and themes from traditional to theme weddings.
Traditional wedding locations inspire a sense of heritage and history, and they allow the specialness of the day to flow through with sacred rituals. A modern wedding ceremony is described as being sleek, clean, and elegant. Look for a place with exquisite, vast areas and less “busy” surroundings. An Outdoor wedding has an aesthetic vibe, going with nature. An open-air wedding has a vibrant, living feel to it, enveloping you and your guests in the best of nature's offerings. The tranquility and beauty of Destination Venues can provide the perfect tone for your wedding, surrounded by beautiful skies, crystal clear lakes, and golden sands. Theme weddings include sun-kissed beaches and scenic mountains to magnificent palaces, forts for you to choose from. Choose your dream wedding venue for the best event management companies and enjoy your beautiful wedding day!

Venue Decor

For Your Big Day, Pick a Beautiful Venue Décor!

We are a wedding planning firm based in Kerala. Once you have all your requirements for the wedding placed with us, we make sure that all of your arrangements and functions are managed flawlessly. Irrespective of any uncertainty over a high-budget wedding planner or low-budget wedding planner, we are well equipped to handle all your wedding day requirements. To turn your day into an eventful ceremony of celebrations, we propose a flexible package or various wedding décor concepts from Mughal theme decor to traditional Kerala theme décor. We have years of experience in this field, and our team of professionals works tirelessly to ensure that your event is as grand as you have ever imagined. Our team is well-equipped with the latest technologies and trends combined with innovative ideas leaving no stones unturned in bringing your dreams to reality.
You can plan a memorable wedding with our wide range of décor designs that are tailored to your specific requirements with our in-house design team. Our Kerala wedding decorations and services include Mangala Snanam for the groom, Mehndi designs for bride engagement, Flower Decoration for wedding stage, Haldi ceremony decoration, and much more.

Wedding Photography

Best Wedding Photography to Capture Your Big Day Reminiscences

Your wedding day is one of the most beautiful days in your life. You only desire for your magnificent day to be captured by the best photographers. When it comes to deciding on top wedding photographers in Kerala, each couple wants someone who can capture all of the events and emotions of their most precious day.
Our Kerala wedding photography crew are very creative, well-trained photographers, videographers, editors, and graphic artists. We believe that the best memories are held in the tiniest details and capture those nuances to perfection. The team devotes their complete attention and soul to creating wedding films and albums full of beautiful and colorful images. Providing you with a selection of wedding photography services to pick from, all of which will be organized for you in custom-made wedding photography packages. We offer a wide range of services, including the following: Wedding photography and videography, Pre-wedding shoots, Candid photography, Traditional photography and videography, Albums, Drone Shoots, and more
You can also visit our Kerala wedding photos gallery for information about our expertise and previous work and choose your preferred package for your wedding.

Sound & Light Management

Enhance your Wedding Day with the Best Visual Extravagance

If you're searching for a theme wedding planner who also manages the entire sound and light, you've come to the right place. We are a group of committed professionals who have planned a number of spectacular weddings.

We provide facilities for a wide range of occasions and celebrations throughout Kerala, including weddings, receptions, and many other events. We have sophisticated sound, lighting, and a dance floor to host your event including customized concepts for wedding hall entrance decoration. Thanks to our team's years of experience in planning such events. You can surely feel convinced that our wedding services will not only satisfy your demands, but will go above and beyond to please any type of crowd. When it comes to all your audio-visual needs, our event organizers have years of professional expertise. Our team understands the importance of audio and visual for an event, and we feel it can greatly impact it. Not just for the wedding, we also offer engagement stage decoration services and facilities for any other events.

So, leave it to us to help you with anything you may likely need for your amazing wedding day event.


Reach the Wedding Venue in Style!

Have you ever dreamed of having an extravagant style wedding appearance with exotic cars? Well, take a seat since we're here to cross something off your wedding to-do list and relieve some stress on arranging transportation support for the wedding. We offer the best wedding vehicle services that will provide you with a luxurious and comfortable ride. It is your family’s marriage, and you do not want anything less than perfection. Provide flawless transportation services to your guests by offering them the greatest possible experience.

Whether you're going on a quick shopping spree or collecting your guests, we have got you covered. We promise to offer world-class services and make the transportation experience of your guests stress-free and safe, while you focus on more essential wedding chores. Our wedding automobile services are accessible across Kerala, along with vehicle options for outstation weddings. Our customers are spoiled with the choice of their preferred car luxurious, SUV, or sedan brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Toyota, Honda, and even Rolls-Royce.

Why wait anymore? Contact the best wedding transportation service agency in Kerala to put an end to the hassle of arranging transportation needs for the wedding.

Parking Management

Best Parking Management to Meet Your Stringent Wedding Expectations

The management of huge traffic inflows and movements of spectators or visitors at a wedding venue is a challenge. With all the planning that goes into weddings, finding parking services can be challenging. This aspect of the wedding day can be greatly simplified with our parking management services.

Our parking personnel will ensure that all your guests have a secure and safe parking spot. They'll be dressed appropriately and happy to give you directions. Any visitors who are concerned about making their way to their cars in unfamiliar locations could avail the ease and convenience of valet parking. Valet parking is ideal for weddings in calm communities since it reduces the amount of noise created by late-arriving guests. Furthermore, the attendants are trained in a wide range of scenarios and situations and are polite. They can also assist the visitor with accessibility challenges as well as assisting guests in and out of vehicles.

We would be delighted to handle the parking management at your wedding so you can concentrate on the more essential aspects of the event. Contact us for more information on how we may help you arrange your wedding.

Wedding Card Designing

Impressive Wedding Card Designs to Make Your Wedding an Unforgettable Affair

The common problem faced by the spouses-to-be and their parents is designing perfect wedding cards and getting them printed on time. Most of the time, it becomes pretty tough to get the choice of your design in your specified budget. If you do not hire professionals, you might face a lot of problems like last-minute delays. Your specified budget may go up. There might be spelling mistakes or a wrong address etc. It becomes very tedious to settle everything at the last moment. And we know you do not want your mood to be spoiled by all these issues.

To avoid all these unwanted situations and make your invitations attention-grabbing you should hire professionals like us.Wedapz is the most sought after and trusted wedding planners in Kerala and Karnataka. We have a team of experts who make sure that every process of wedding card designing is carried out perfectly. We help you choose the perfect wedding card design like eco-friendly cards, designer wedding cards, themed wedding cards, WhatsApp wedding invitations etc. We make your imagination come alive. We also design engagement invitation cards. Once you hire us and place the responsibility on our shoulders, we make your wedding invitations an incredible and enjoyable process for you. We do the best in class event management for marriage ceremonies in Kerala, Karnataka etc.


Look Your Best on the Special Day with the Magic of Makeup Experts

To look at her best is the dream of every bride on her wedding day. However, choosing the right makeup makes all the difference. Compromising with your makeup can make you look dull or overboard. As the spotlight is always on the bride it is very important to look gracious and at your best. If you hire someone who is not well aware of the products and which products would go well with your skin tone and type will lead to a disaster. Most of the time brides are unsatisfied by the way they look. Sometimes the makeup does not go well with their dress or the makeup becomes more dramatic etc. Amature beauticians will spoil the whole look because they are unaware of the right products for your skin type. To avoid all these issues you should hire professionals.

We are one of the best event management companies in India. You can always rely on us for making your wedding an incredible affair to remember. We have seasoned beauticians who use every beauty product's artistic skills and know-how to make you look vibrant. They enhance the features of the bride and make them look stunning.

Going for a demo session or trail makeup a few days before your wedding is a great idea. A trial makeup session will help you ward off your stress as you will know what you would look like on your wedding day. It helps the beautician know your skin and what product to use. The use of quality products is a must, as the mascara should be waterproof. Our beauticians know how to make the best use of beauty products on the different skins. However, Kerala brides love to keep their makeup minimalistic. Highlighting their features and blending elegant makeup with their beautiful attire is what they prefer.

Costume Designing

We Design Costume That Will Make You Look Stunning on Your Wedding

One of the most common issues brides face is the perfect fit. Finding a wedding attire that you always wanted for the wedding perfectly fits you, and your budget is tiresome. Your wedding attire is most important to make you look gorgeous. You have to plan well in advance about your wedding costume. If you do not hire an expert professional to design your attire, you might face a couple of problems. If your designer is not well aware of the different fabrics, he/she might make the wrong fabric choice for you. If the designer is not up to date with the latest trends, he/she might not understand the specifications of your attire. And sometimes you should compromise with your wedding costume because of the lack of time. All these issues can be tackled well, and you can be the most stunning bride if you choose professionals like us.

We are one of the best event management companies in Kerala,India. We are very particular about the taste of the bride. Our expert professional designers make a note of your every specification like colour, fabric type, budget etc. And design the most gorgeous wedding saree for you. We design the wedding costume for a bride with a mix of tradition and modern touch. Kerala brides usually wear traditional Mundum Neriyathum Saree, a white saree with a golden border. As per the changing trends brides are experimenting with Neon Mundu Saree, Block Print Saree with Kara, Powder Pink Silk Saree, Chanderi Silk Saree, Kanchipuram Saree etc. We design your wedding attire that perfectly fits you and choose the colour that enhances your beauty.. Whether it is a classy traditional look, a modern-day bride with a twist of colours, red gold glow etc. You will be the most stunning bride ever with our elegant and top-notch design

Wedding Food

Sumptuous Wedding Food that Will Make Your Guests Happy

One of the most important things that your guests look forward to in your wedding is the wedding food. Your wedding ceremony becomes as good as your wedding food. That is the reason you should take great care while hiring wedding caterers and deciding your wedding catering menu. If you do not finalise the wedding menu list beforehand you would be in trouble. Most of the couple's land in trouble because they do not sign a wedding catering contract with the catering company which is crucial. You should be very precise about your wedding menu list or marriage reception menu. You should finalize which catering service style to choose, know about the caterer’s certification and last but not the least number of catering staff. If you do not hire a professional wedding catering service provider then you might encounter wedding food issues. However, you do not want your guests to be unhappy on your Big Day.

To overcome all the challenges of wedding catering, you should hire professionals like us. We have years of expertise which is why we consider every small specification before finalizing the wedding menu. We deal with renowned wedding caterers. They cook the most sumptuous feast for your wedding. We provide you with a variety of wedding menu ideas for buffets or you can even customize your wedding menu list. We will not leave anything to the last moment as you get to taste the sample of your menu before your Big Day. You can also include an intricately designed wedding cake for your wedding on the menu. We have a variety of designer wedding cakes on our menu for you to choose from. Else you can also get your wedding cake customized as per your choice. We have well trained and professional staff that will look after your guests and serve them the most delicious food. Your guests and you will surely never forget your sumptuous wedding food and our service for a lifetime.


Fun-filled Entertainment Activities that Will Make Your Wedding Memorable

If you want your wedding to be grand and lively. Who will take care of the fun activities and light up the spirits of your guests? What happens if you do not hire professionals to take care of all the fun and entertainment quotients at your wedding? Nothing, but your wedding becomes boring. There should be a proper arrangement by a professional who takes care of fun and entertainment activities for all the guests at the wedding ceremony. If you hire amateur dancers for the wedding, they might not be able to grace your ceremony properly. You also need a seasoned choreographer who will manage all the dances. These days fun and frolic at wedding events has become an essential part. Without quality entertainment, your guest would be bored.

We are seasoned wedding planners who are well aware of every wedding aspect. We know the importance of entertainment activities at the wedding. It is very important to have an entertainment package that consists of dancers for the wedding, wedding entry crackers, wedding DJs, live bands, photo booths, tea or coffee stations, karaoke, special entry of the bride, etc. You can choose the fun activities you want to include in your entertainment package for your wedding. We are flexible with the budget and plan the activities accordingly. We have experienced performers and professionals for taking care of all your fun activities. And keep your guests most entertained. We also have choreographers who can help the bride and the groom with special performances and make their wedding an unforgettable ceremony.

Anchoring and hosting

We Provide Enthusiastic Wedding Anchors To Make Your Wedding Lively

There are so many things that need to be taken care of. You will be overwhelmed with all the pressure. There might be different thoughts that keep your mind occupied. However, a wedding anchor can lower your pressure to an extent. If you hire a professional wedding anchor, host or emcee he/she will take care of most of the things. Though it feels that it is an additional expense. But, the fact is well-experienced wedding anchors can give your wedding an amazing uplift. At the same time, you should not hire someone inexperienced. Instead of taking your wedding ceremony to another level, they will make it fall flat. Do not compromise while hiring a professional anchor, just to save some money. An amazing wedding anchoring will be like the icing on the cake.

We help you with amazing anchors, who can take your wedding to the next level. So that you can enjoy your Big Day freely. Our wedding anchor will take charge of the entire wedding. They will also make sure that the flow of the wedding ceremony is maintained. Our wedding anchors are well trained and they are masters in handling the ceremony. They interact with your guests in a very friendly manner and keep them happy and engaged. They also keep the guests informed about the fun activities at the wedding. They take all the pressure of handling the guests so that you can enjoy your wedding. And at the same time, your guests will be happy because they were treated well at your wedding and were given due importance. So, isn’t it a great idea to have a well-experienced wedding anchor at your wedding? We are here at your service.