9 Best Ideas About Wedding on Budget

9 Best Ideas You Need to Know About Wedding on Budget

Getting married? You must be excited about the biggest day of your life. Aren't you? Weddings are all about celebration, joy, and a wonderful time with your loved ones. You want this biggest day of your life to be the best one.


Who doesn't want to have a memorable wedding? 

This is a special time you will ever have. But when it comes to deciding your wedding budget it always gets a little tricky.

You want a wedding on budget  but not sure what to pick and what to leave. Isn't it?

Luckily there are  9 best ideas that can help you to budget the wedding you have always dreamt of.


1.Set a budget


The first step to organize any wedding is by deciding the budget you want to have. You must have ideas in your mind to spend the money accordingly. Make a sheet and write down every expense you are going to have for your wedding. It will give you clarity about managing money in your budget.


2. Decide your venue


Choose a venue for your wedding that is near to most of your guests. While deciding a venue for the function make sure the cost of the place comes under your budget. There are different prizes for each venue in the town. Find the best one for you.  


3. Go easy with decor


When it comes to wedding decorations, most people spend lots of money. Although it looks nice, but the heavy decoration cost doesn't fit in everyone's budget.


But who said you can not have a beautiful decoration without spending lots of money.

Go minimal with the flower decoration as flowers cost too much. Instead, you can go with seasonal flower decoration and use more greenery for your wedding spot.

It will give a beautiful and elegant look. Within the budget you have decided.


4. Digital invitation


Gone are those days when having a paper invitation card was a must for weddings. Thanks to the digital availability and services. You can invite your guest just by sending them a digital invitation. It will not only save your money but also your guest will get the invitation on time. An invitation just a message away.


5. Catering list


Food is the first thing that comes to your mind while planning for a wedding.isn't it?

You can not skip this part in your wedding as this is an important category in every wedding. Make sure you choose the food menu very wisely as food is the main attraction of weddings. You can go with the selected food items according to your budget but keep in mind that the taste and the quality should be the best one.


6. Make the guest list


Now when you have planned everything for your wedding according to your budget, have a look at your guest list. There is no rule to invite every random person you know to your wedding. Make a list of the close people whose presence matters to you the most. 


7. Affordable jewelry


 Who doesn't want to have some beautiful jewelry for their wedding? but if you have a fixed budget it is always better to go with affordable jewelry.


At most weddings, people end up spending lots of money on the jewelry itself.

Choose some simple but classy jewelry that doesn't only go with your budget but brings happiness to your face as well.


8. Prefer DJ 


No wedding is complete without music. Everyone has different ideas for their wedding. Some choose a live band and some prefer a DJ. But if you don’t want to spend more on this part you can easily go with Dj. Live bands are expensive and can make a big difference in your budget.


9. Avoid cocktail


So many weddings include cocktails for the celebration. Though you can skip cocktails as it will cost you a big amount of money. Save enough by serving juices and soft drinks to the guest.   




Wedding planning is different for everyone. Some go with expensive and lavish style while some like to keep it simple and affordable. No matter if your budget is high or low you can always have a dream wedding on a budget. Go easy with planning your wedding.

With the right tips and plans, you can make your biggest day unforgettable. 


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