11 smart budget-friendly wedding decoration ideas

11 Best Budget-Friendly DIY for Indian Wedding Decoration


“Big Fat Indian Wedding”, is the first word that comes to everybody’s mind when they think of Indian Weddings. India is famous for a lot of things in the world. From food to places, palaces, tropical nature of the country, surreal beauty, and Weddings too.  


Indian Weddings are an adjective for marvelous, grandeur, and extravagant beauty. Right from the selection of flowers to drapes, clothes, accessories, and even the car. Everything is done so perfectly to make this moment perfect. 


A wedding is a memorable moment for a bride and groom. So, making it this grand makes sense to them. But on the other hand, it exhausts all the lifetime savings of their parents. Made you feel sad though!


Wear your smile because we have a surprise for you. Yes, you heard it right. Now, you can still make your wedding a successful occasion to cherish while saving a lot of money. There are a lot of things that require the use of savings such as jewelry, clothes, catering, invitations, venue, etc. So, why not save some money on Wedding Decorations? 


We have some smart budget-friendly wedding decoration options to help you make your wedding beautiful without robbing your bank accounts. 


So, keep the sparkles ready to celebrate the day to be remembered years ahead! 


11 Best Budget-Friendly DIY for Indian Wedding Decoration 


1. Flowers 

 A wedding without flowers would not be that enchanting as you imagined. Therefore, it is a must to have flower decor in the wedding arena to feel the presence of nature that soothes eyes and makes the venue look more beautiful. Instead of spending too much on roses or exotic flowers, use Marigold, sunflowers, jasmine, and other indigenous flowers to decorate the venue. Contact local flower market to get them at a lower price. 


2. Minimalistic Photo Booth 

Guests too want to get some beautiful picture of them being decked up. A photo booth adds charm to the wedding and entertains the guests with a variety of props. In order to make a photo booth, you can make use of unused net clothes/ light-colored pastel net fabric and decorate it with some leaves, flowers, origami flowers, birds, or creeper plants. Get your team on board to help you in your budget-friendly wedding. 


3. Chalk Boards and Quote Boards 

Thought of using Chalk or Quote Boards in your wedding? Sounds Interesting! Instead of exhausting your budget too much on grand floral name decorations or heavy metallic boards for the wedding, chalkboards come handy. It gives more of a personal touch to your budget-friendly wedding. You can ask guests to write their thoughts about how they are feeling or anything they liked in your wedding. This would attract many of the guests’ attention and keep them entertained. 


4. Granny’s Steel Trunks for Decor 

There are thousands of options to choose from, even while planning DIY decorations for your budget-friendly wedding. The next and the more classic DIY is using the Granny’s Steel Trunk to give a retro vibe to your wedding decorations. You can paint some of your granny’s trunks and place them near the chalkboard to compliment the look. 

This would make your decoration vibe with your granny’s energy. :D


5. Kites and Origami Decorations 

Relive the moments of old school by using Kites and recyclable origami paper. Make it a theme for your Haldi and Mehendi ceremony to rock and roll with these theme decorations. Use these wedding-decorative items to make your wedding look authentic, colorful, and eco-friendly, without breaking the rhythm of excitement. 


6. Out of the Box Decor 

From bride’s dress to groom’s outfit, you want everything to be as perfect as the universe, then think out of the blue for your Indian wedding decorations too. Try to mix and match things, pieces, or anything to make your wedding stand out from the rest. 


7. DIY Chandelier

While looking for a chandelier, there is no need to look for expensive grand chandeliers, full of flowers or glasses for your Wedding Stage Decoration. Gather your troop and make some beautiful chandeliers using Bottles, Jars, and recyclable material (jute, and fairy lights). 


8. Use Swings instead of stage

Mehendi Ceremony, Haldi Ceremony, or any other evening ceremony for your wedding. Why use huge stages when you can make the celebration more elegant using a swing? Use beautifully crafted wooden swings and decorate them with marigold flowers and leaves. It will give a clean, minimalist look to the whole range of ceremonies. 


9. Drapery for Mandap Decorations 

Tired of wearing the same old-fashioned draperies? It’s time to make the best use of it. Take out your mum’s all old-fashioned colorful draperies and decorate mandaps with them. Use fairy lights, some pieces of decorations to lock the look. 


10. DIY Centre Pieces

Many couples spend too much on buying centerpieces. But the truth unveiled is that this is too much to spend on centerpieces. Show off your creativity at your wedding and make some DIY centerpieces using old wine bottles, tea kettles, and glass bottles. It isn’t a bad idea, right? 


11. Eco-friendly decoration with Plants 

Weddings encounter a lot of wastage of food, resources, and finances of course. The best way to reduce all this is to make use of every single thing you see around you. Instead of booking a hall overburdened with floral decor and lightning, switch to more natural ways of celebrating the ceremonial days in sunlight or moonlight. Decorate your backyard with your house plants, some home-grown plants, shrubs, herbs, and money plants. Use banana leaves to serve food. This wouldn’t only save you money but eventually helps to prevent waste accumulation. 


So, make your wedding full of greenery symbolizing abundance and happiness! 


It’s a Wrap! 

Finding one right fit for a budget-friendly Indian Wedding is a bit hard nut to crack. But we have listed some of the best ways to help you plan your wedding better. 


Let us know which of the ways you would like to adopt in your wedding. Feel free to post queries in the comment below. We would love to answer all your queries. 


Happy Wedding!


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