12 Beautiful Indian wedding decoration ideas in low budget

12 Beautiful Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas

Decorations in Indian wedding has surpassed the old trends. From just simple hangings of matching colored drapes and marigold flowers to some of the coolest and fresh-looking decorations. With the rapid flow of information, use of technology, and brimming up of the newness in the area, the décor ideas are also changing. Considering Indian Weddings and continuously getting ideas from the west, east, and all the directions of the world, the wedding planners’ minds are blowing with the new unique and simple ideas.


Everything in a wedding decoration is just standing out from the past years. But one thing that has always attracted peoples’ attention is the Wedding Stage. What used to be just a sofa with a backdrop of flowers and red carpet, has now got a lot more detailing and mix-matching. From a surreal minimal décor to the astonishingly beautiful, princely royal ones, the vast spectrum of wedding decoration (especially stage) has a lot to offer.


If you like to have such beautiful, exquisite, mesmerizingly beautiful wedding decorations at your weddings to make it a memorable one. Don’t worry, you can have them too.

Here are a few of the wedding décor ideas and that too on a low budget. Scroll down and let your imagination run into the beautiful pictures of wedding décor.


12 Best Wedding Décor Ideas on Low Budget


1. Yellow Everywhere for Haldi Ceremony

How can a Haldi Ceremony be completed without yellows? Well, you can have a beautiful, minimalistic decoration with a combination of yellow-white draperies, and marigold flowers with green leaves. Marigold Flowers are usually cheap and can be easily accessible from the market. This decoration will add stars to your wedding ceremony by giving a fresh natural look to the arena.

2. Feel Good- Mehendi Ceremony

Flowers’ decoration is the most traditional yet beautiful decoration in Indian weddings. But with changing trends, wedding planners try to use everything and anything in their vicinity to make every function rock and roll.

So, here comes the decoration with kites. The use of different colorful kites makes the ambiance vibe with your excitement to fly high.

3. Colorful Tassels

Tassels fit in everywhere. No matter whether it’s your Haldi ceremony or the normal evening ceremonies, colorful tassels add more colors of happiness to your wedding décor. It makes the area look good, vibrant, and photogenic at the same time.

This decoration can be your 360-degree decoration to have an amazing time celebrating the Haldi ceremony, evening functions, or the mock rocking sangeet function.

4. Edgy Look for DJ Nights

This is a perfect set-up for the sangeet. The edgy-geometric patterned look will give your sangeet a classic touch.

5. Some Shimmery touches for cocktails

Have you ever thought of having those shimmery decorations wearing a shaded shimmery outfit to match the vibe? Well, you can have such a dreamy cocktail party. Shimmery golden strings, oversized flowers, and white seating will make the aura of the stage. This decoration will make your wedding ceremonies worth cherishing.

6. Minimalist Photo Booths

Adding a quoted photo booth, or a minimalist photo frame with white flowers is the perfect photo booth for your wedding.

Leave everything apart, this is going to set your wedding venue on fire.

7. Floral decorations

Floral decorations are impeccably beautiful and are eye-catching. It spreads the fresh aroma and is adored by everyone. You can have a beautiful floral decoration by mixing and matching with different flowers to make the combination.

Anyways, your designer is good at it. :)

Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas

Every wedding function is as beautiful as the last one. So, it is necessary to keep up flow and make every function dazzling. So, to make the D-Day stunning and worth remembering.

Here are some of the wedding decoration ideas you must consider for your wedding:

8. White and Gold for a Royal look

Golds are classics for giving a royal touch. A wedding stage backdropped by white fragrant flowers with oversized golden flowers, and a white sofa with golden boundaries to set it all for your dazzling white-gold princely wedding.

9. Peachy floral décor- A smooth touch

A peachy floral décor outlined with peach drapes, hanging terrariums, lanterns, and fairy lights is magical. This will make your simple-looking wedding a magical one.

10. Red and White

Red roses, the symbol of love, and white is the symbol of peace. Giving a message of a peaceful loving life is what’s going to set you apart from the rest of the couples. Dazzling white roses when mixed with red and a backdrop framed, outlining red-white drapes and a circle above loaded with beautiful flowers will make the stage look mesmerizing and stunning.

It would become the center of attraction of the whole wedding venue.

11. Boho Look

Stage decorated with white flowers, fur carpets, and a white sofa is quintessential for a Boho Look. Let’s make your wedding be the evidence of revolutionizing the Indian Wedding look.

12. Dome-shaped settings for a princely look

Dome-shaped stage cum mandap is one of the most in-demand stages every couple wants in their wedding. Decorated with different colorful drapes, flowers, and other props to make it an all-purpose space for a wedding. Tie your knot under such dome-shaped princely decorations and fantasize about your prince and princess look.

Thus Concluding,

A wedding is one of the most important days in one’s life. And everybody wants to make it beautiful so that when they look back, they cherish every moment as if it was the day before.

Make this day as beautiful as you can and live your day fully.

Tell us in the comments below the decorations which you liked the most.


Happy Wedding!


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